Never get comfortable. Once you’re comfortable and content with where you are, things get boring, less exciting, banal, ordinary. You have oatmeal and a fried egg with a cup of coffee 7 days a week, 365 days a year — eventually you won’t taste the cinnamon in the oatmeal, the yolk of the egg, or the beans in the coffee anymore. You’ll look out of your window and see the paperboy ride by, just as he has every day prior. You’ll burn the tip of your tongue on the hot coffee, just as you have every day prior, but you never seem to remember until your tongue is scalded. You’ll get in your car and drive to work, just as you have every day prior. You’ll come after work, prepare a five to seven minute meal, watch the news, and then retire for the night, just like you have every day prior — and until the sun rises the next morning, you’ll be truly comfortable, surrounded by nothing in a deep sleep. Your alarm awakens you at 6:00 AM, and then another at 6:05, and then another at 6:10, and then another at 6:15. Rub your eyes, take a piss, you’re out of oatmeal. 

  2. Mount Tamalpais

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  3. I was waiting last night, I just can’t remember what for.

  4. Alex, in an elevator. November 2013.

  5. some recent iPhone photos


  6. How did the great writers ever do it?


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    Very happy to see these pictures by Jarred Gastreich from Ferguson Police department in St Louis. It’s often (too often) so hard to believe in justice, and too often all the more so if you’re an African-American or a Native American. And yet justice is so profoundly necessary. In St Louis, and in so many other places in this country.

    Inspiring and beautiful photos from an uninspiring, sad, and dark time. 

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  10. We just rented a cabin in Sunny Valley, OR. Opted for the log cabin over the tent option when we heard reports of thunder, hail, and 60MPH winds 😨 #bunkmates #getoutthere (at Sunny Valley RV Park and Campground)